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Participate in These Simple 5 Steps



Check the Eligibility Criteria

Fill Up A Form

Fill up the linked form with all details we would require.


Once Selected,

After filling the form, post selection -

Wait for us to reach out

The Brainsight co-ordinator will reach out to let you know about the date, time, location to arrive for the MRI and psychological data and informed consent.


We will guide you


Clinical Interview

Radiologist will guide you through the process of obtaining an MRI scan, additionally a neuropsychologist or psychologist will conduct the required assessment. (Et : half a day~ 5-6 hrs).

How Do I Know I am Eligible?

Inclusion/ exclusion criteria, participants from different countries 


Depends on specific clinical trial 


Exclusion criteria (Application across conditions)

  • Anyone < 18 and > 60 years of age

  • History of primary neurological disorders including seizure disorders/pre-existing disorders of development and degenerative disorders  involving structural changes

  • Primary/pre-existing development and degenerative disorder involving structural changes

  • Primary/pre-existing Movement, Vision and speech disorders

  • Surgery followed by cranial radiotherapy 

  • Follow-up cases

  • Patients experiencing issues with MRI procedures.

  • Pregnant women 

  • Non- compliance with fMRI protocol (not adhering to the fMRI guidelines). 

How Will My Confidentiality be Protected?

<Content Needed>
Legal forms, without too many jargons 


  1. HIPPA compliant 

  2. Data anonymization 

Rimjhim Paper 1.png

HIPPA Compliance Doc (Placeholder)

 What Occurs Once a Clinical Trial Concludes?

- How long the data will be stored, payment?
- Will it be published or used for other purposes

Sign Up Now

BrainSightAI is partnering with hospitals across the country. If you would like to participate in a clinical study please send us an email on or fill in the form below.

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