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The word kokoro in Japanese means a combination of heart, mind and spirit that drives human behaviour and action. It is the belief that human behaviour is a combination of our physiology, psychology and neurology. Project Kokoro is BrainSightAI’s attempt to build a holistic understanding of the brain science and psychology of mental health and mental disorders. We believe that building a greater understanding  of the human brain and the psychosocial factors that influence all of us is essential to our attitude to mental health.

The Kokoro Story

Every person has a story, and we at BrainSightAI want to hear yours. The aim of Kokoro is to create a safe space, and a community of knowledge and shared experiences. It is an opportunity to combine clinical research and practice with your background, who you are, and how we can come together to create a support system. 


Kokoro will include a series of sessions with neuroscience experts, doctors and therapists with extensive experience, researchers from this field and positive mental health activists. We hope you will find the knowledge sessions useful in understanding the neurobiological and the psychosocial aspects of mental health.

Kokoro Sessions

Kokoro 1.0: Depression & Anxiety

Become a Citizen Scientist with BrainSightAI!


Participants will go back with a wealth of knowledge and resources for understanding mental health issues, causes, development and treatment options. They will also find a strong sense of community that they can consider a support group. Most importantly, we hope Kokorians will find learning and sharing therapeutic and will help develop future Kokorians to spread the knowledge and understanding. The body of shared experiences from the Kokorian community will help us bring the right products to market which will create impact at scale.

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