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Introducing VoxelBox Explore

Advancing Surgery with Connectomics and AI

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VoxelBox Explore uses computational neuroscience & AI to analyze large amounts of connectivity & structural data in 3 simple steps:

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User uploads DICOM files

Can choose various options for analysis and download


Results are generated

The cloud-based platform performs connectomic analysis to generate network maps & tractography

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User downloads reports and results

Results are available in the form of both reports and results



you can

Perform robust anatomical, functional, structural parcellations and multi-modal parcellation based on latest literature

Obtain AI-informed tumor delineation and intra-tumor segmentation to aid pre-surgical planning

Automatically generate 7+ functional and cognitive maps in 10 min using rs-fMRI, with ability to compare against tb-fMRI

Generate outputs - heat maps, brain masks, z-score of voxels, tracts in .tck and nifty formats

Observe better sensitivity and specificity in tractography, owing to automated CSD based probabilistic methods

Apply results in research and clinical trials such as Brain Tumour, Dementia, Epilepsy, Schizophrenia, Headaches etc

*This product is not intended to be used as a medical device. This product is to be used for research only

Approach to AI

All current AI methods are based on the same core architecture, and are defined by the incredible use of compute and data. BrainSightAI is redesigning how machines learn about the brain, ground up. 

We believe that objective-driven AI algorithms built to learn specific things about brain function, building on existing knowledge of the brain encoded in atlases, enables us to build more robust and structured models of brain structural and functional connectivity; one that is explainable and verifiable.

Build VoxelBox with us!

Our long-term goal is to build multi-modal disease-agnostic tools. We are working towards expanding VoxelBox to different indications and are looking to work with future-forward doctors.


To join us in our journey, sign up below 

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