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Take These 5 Easy Steps to Get Involved


Check the Eligibility Criteria

Check if you are eligible to participate in a clinical trial by viewing the                                          


Fill Up The Form

Fill up a simple form with the required details.                                                                        


Wait for us to reach out

The Brainsight co-ordinator will reach out to let you know about the date, time, location to arrive for the MRI and psychological data and informed consent.


Clinical Interview

Collect detailed information about participants' medical history and current health to determine eligibility and monitor progress

Why participate in our clinical trials?

Geographically Close Community 
Build strong, personal relationships with nearby patients and caregivers for emotional and practical support.
Practical Tips for
Learn new strategies and tips to manage your condition more effectively.
research-svgrepo-com 1.png
Contribute to Clinical Research

Help advance medical knowledge and shape future treatments by sharing your unique experiences.

How Do I Know I am Eligible?

These are general guidelines; for specific disorders, eligibility criteria may vary. Please check the criteria when you sign up for a specific clinical trial.

  • Within 18 to 60 years of age

  • History of primary neurological disorders including seizure disorders/pre-existing disorders of development and degenerative disorders  involving structural changes

  • Primary/pre-existing development and degenerative disorder involving structural changes

  • Primary/pre-existing Movement, Vision and speech disorders

  • Surgery followed by cranial radiotherapy 

  • Follow-up cases

  • Patients experiencing issues with MRI procedures.

  • Pregnant women 

  • Non- compliance with fMRI protocol (not adhering to the fMRI guidelines). 

What privacy measures do we take?

Your confidentiality will be safeguarded by anonymizing your data, securely storing it, limiting access to authorized staff, having confidentiality agreements in place, and adhering to privacy regulations.


What happens after the conclusion of a clinical trial?

After a clinical trial concludes, the data is analyzed to assess the treatment's efficacy and safety. Results are compiled into a report and submitted to peer-reviewed journals and regulatory agencies for review. Participants are informed of the trial's outcomes, and the findings are shared with the scientific community through publications and presentations.

  • What is the problem we are solving?
    Neuropsychiatric disorders are the 3rd largest contributor to the global burden of disease. Despite the huge impact they have, and the increasing international focus on them due to the pandemic, the world has not seen revolutionary treatments in this space. This is because clinicians lack tools that can help in early screening, differential diagnosis and individualized modeling. If they had these tools, they could recruit patients for clinical trials for revolutionary new treatments and therapies, as well as personalize treatment for an individual. We are here to change that.
  • Who are we solving it for?
    Our solution is relevant for the entire healthcare system - For patients, it helps in much earlier screening and confirmation - For doctors; - For psychiatrists: Greater insights into symptoms of patients - For neurologists and neurosurgeons: Greater precision in diagnosis and prognosis of brain disorders - For hospitals, it increases the revenue for the hospitals by increasing footfall to the MRI machine, and moving to a scan with higher QALY/dollar - For pharma companies, it helps in derisking clinical trials
  • What are our products?
    BrainSightAI offers two products: - Voxelbox, a platform that makes fMRI analysis readily accessible to clinical practitioners for investigating disorders, treatment approaches and surgical planning with an AI powered engine that drastically reduces turnaround time and provides reports with rich insights -Snowdrop, a companion app for streamlining patient history though a smart combination of symptom tracker, phone sensors and artificial intelligence that acts as a complimentary data source for doctors and therapists
  • How can you reach us?
    For any product related queries, you can either fill out the Get in Touch form or email us at
  • What is VoxelBox?
    VoxelBox platform makes fMRI analysis readily accessible to clinical practitioners for investigating disorders, treatment approaches and surgical planning with an AI powered engine that drastically reduces turnaround time and provides reports with rich insights. To know more, you can visit the VoxelBox page
  • What kind of MRI machine is needed?
    We are currently using data from 3 Tesla (3T) MRI machines
  • Is AI being used for reporting cross sectional CNS studies?
    Yes, we are doing an AI investigation on both cross-sectional (diagnosis) and longitudinal (prognosis). However, the models we immediately have on imaging data are cross-sectional.
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