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Brain studies made easy for clinical researchers

VoxelBox Explore uses AI based connectomics to generate personalised brain maps. Adopt cutting edge research tools for brain studies.


Access rs-fMRI, fMRI, DTI, sMRI and psychological insights

Informed surgical planning for patients which increases precision by 20%

Simplify scientific workflows

Save precious time with automatic post processing of 30+ tracts

Automatic Post-Processing

Zero manual intervention allows you to focus on quantitative analysis

Standardised processing steps

Reduce errors while fMRI signal processing

Automatic edema corrections

Eliminate the need for manual tuning in areas of freewater such as edema

Accelerate your neuroimaging research publication

Post-process scans easily to fastrack your research publication in esteemed journals



you can

Perform robust anatomical, functional, structural parcellations and multi-modal parcellation based on latest literature

Automatically generate 7+ functional and cognitive maps in 10 min using rs-fMRI, with ability to compare against tb-fMRI

Obtain AI-informed tumor delineation and intra-tumor segmentation to aid pre-surgical planning

Generate outputs - heat maps, brain masks, z-score of voxels, tracts in .tck and nifty formats

Observe better sensitivity and specificity in tractography, owing to automated CSD based probabilistic methods

Apply results in research and clinical trials such as Brain Tumour, Dementia, Epilepsy, Schizophrenia, Headaches etc

*This product is not intended to be used as a medical device. This product is to be used for research only

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