Technical Architect

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

As a Technical Architect, you will:

  • Lead the architecture and design of BrainSightAI’s multi-tenant applications SaMD.

  • The SaaS will adopt DevOps methodologies and creating scalable applications with container technologies

  • Build the engineering team; including task planning and code reviews

  • Work with software engineers to define and be aligned with business, development, and deployment needs

  • Define processes to ensure high quality of product from a healthcare regulations and technology perspective 

  • Identify customer’s priorities, technical objections, and design strategies encompassing the entire BSAI ecosystem to deliver business value and resolve blockers

  • Plan for product internal architecture like multi-tenancy, data security, licensing capabilities, payment methods, secure access, authentication, notification, reporting dashboards, customization, white labeling, extensibility, integrations, connectivity, engagement, and automating technical infrastructure.

  • Be responsible for scaling, performance, and quality for the team

  • Set up best practices in the team and drive adoption of these best practices around coding, design, quality, and performance in your team

Skill Set Required

You Must have:


  • Designed and led teams to develop SaaS products before, especially multi-tenant, Saas, microservices systems for hospitals

  • Experience in defining architectures, architectural guidelines and making design decisions

  • Strong experience in building Saas architecture

  • Familiarity with design patterns in SaaS

  • Solid understanding of CS fundamentals, with demonstrated capacity in high-end coding

  • Experienced in Azure

  • Fullstack experience (React, Node JS, VU, Python, Bash, PowerShell, Azure CLI)

  • Experience in Agile project management methods 

  • Experience with orchestration frameworks, continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) tools

  • Experience with security, networking, databases, and infrastructure as code

  • Experience in cloud computing (applications, infrastructure, storage, platforms, and data), as well as cloud market and competitive dynamics

  • Identify feasible alternatives and freeze on the optimal choice of data structures and advanced algorithms

  • Solid coding skills with the ability to drive teams and improve coding standards across large codebases

  • Exposure to complete product development cycles – from inception to production to scaling up, supporting new requirements, re-architectures - the Architect should have seen it all. 

  • Been part of scalable product development cycles with either large data handling or large transaction processing exposure for 5+ years


Good to have:


  • Knowledge of technology solutions and ability to learn, understand and work quickly with new emerging technologies, methodologies, and solutions in the Cloud/IT technology space.

  • Very strong system design skills with a nifty ability to craft clean interfaces and operate at the right levels of abstraction

  • Good knowledge, understanding, and experience of working with a large variety of multi-tier architectures


Bonus if you:


  • Are enthusiastic about all things neuroscience


Time requirement:  


  • Full Time


Previous work experience:

  • 8 years +