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What brain disorder do we research? 

​BrainSightAI collaborates with leading hospitals nationwide to conduct clinical trials focused on various brain-based disorders, including but not limited to:


  1. Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia

  2. Brain tumors and neuro-oncological conditions

  3. Depression, anxiety, BPD, NPD and other psychiatric disorders

  4. Parkinson's disease and movement disorders

  5. Stroke and cerebrovascular diseases paraphrase

Existing clinical trials

1. St Johns, ongoing

2. Manipal, just started

3. SRMC, just started

4. Max, just started

How Do We Conduct Trials?

How do we conduct trials? Recommended (good to have as an overview- drop context  for compliance, cred, process)

List of previously conducted trials/studies

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Partner with us

BrainSightAI is partnering with hospitals across the country. If you would like to participate in a clinical study please send us an email on or fill in the form below.

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