Research and Development

Site Psychologist

New Delhi, India

About the project

Dementia is a neurodegenerative disease of multifactorial causation, heterogeneous presentation, and variable prognosis. It is characterized by a decline in performance and cognitive impairment in multiple domains and affects a person's independence in doing activities of daily living. It also contributes to significant health-care costs and caregiver burden, making it a public health priority.


Early disease detection and prevention are of central importance for slowing symptom progression, and maintaining independence and quality of life. Studies for early diagnosis of dementia using resting state functional MRI have shown potential in picking activity and network differences in regions of interest. Few results from studies and reviews are pointing towards changes in default mode network; salience network; the frontoparietal networks; the ventral attention network; the dorsal attention network, the sensorimotor network and other network connections. The changes are very large in number and in such a situation machine learning approach to analyse higher dimension data is very useful. 


BrainSightAI has developed a system which uses AI algorithms to analyse the high number of activity and network connection modifications to classify between different conditions. This study aims to optimize BrainSightAI system to achieve classification with reliable accuracy.  

As a Site Psychologist you will 

  • Assist the Clinical Studies Program Manager at BrainSightAI and coordinate with an interdisciplinary team at Max Hospital, Saket in implementing the Dementia study

  • Evaluate patients’ needs and accommodate them accordingly

  • Administer psychological tests and determines results

  • Administer a battery of tests to diagnose different types of Dementia

Skill Set Required

Must have:


  • Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology 

  • Knowledge of psychological theory and practice

  • Superior communication skills

  • Demonstrate a keen interest in the aetiology of dementia

  • Have an excellent grounding in qualitative research methods and/or counselling

  • Previous work experience in Dementia or other neurological conditions

  • Interest in how people think and process information

  • Ability to empathize with a wide range of people

  • Listening skills


Good to have:


  • The willingness to take the initiative, identify opportunities for improvement and take action

  • Ability to multitask effectively and manage multiple priorities simultaneously

  • Flexibility to changing work environments

  • Previous experience with a large hospital/university setting is preferred

Bonus if you:


  • Are enthusiastic about all things neuroscience

  • We are a company that highly values the ability to communicate well. We all take turns at the blog roster, so writing experience and/or enthusiasm is appreciated 

  • Our core values encourage empathy and innovation, you are gold if you share these


Time requirement:  


  • Consultant


Previous work experience:

  • 2+ years