BrainSightAI is using latest technological advances in healthcare to improve our understanding of brain functions, neural systems and environmental triggers

How does it work?

Neuropsychiatric disorders are the third leading cause of global disease burden with an estimated impact of 16.3 Trillion USD*


* Source: National Institute of Mental Health and data from WHO


AI today has the potential to enable a more holistic view of the patient's brain for significantly better outcomes for patients with neuropsychiatric disorders


BrainSightAI is building solutions to enable physicians with deep insights across neurobiological and behavioural indicators

Our Snowdrop App enables an extra-clinical view of patient symptoms and activity

Orchid SaaS solution enables early identification of disorder through our proprietary AI models

Aster, Camellia and Rafflesia are SaaS solutions under development for recurrence and surgical planning

Our Existing Research Models 


Schizophrenia v/s Bipolar Disorder


Post surgery recovery prognosis for Glioma


Distinguishing between infections and Glioma


Differential Diagnosis for FTD, MCI and AD


Prognosis of Dementia disorders


Early diagnosis of AD using fMRI


Differential diagnosis of Psychotic disorders


Digital Phenotyping and Neuroimaging correlations


Pre-surgical planning for Glioma using fMRI, sMRI and DTI

Brain Scans


At BrainSightAI, we are pioneering new tools for understanding the human brain. Our goal is to help patients shorten the path to recovery and good health by taking the leap from informed estimation to data-assured diagnosis and data-predicted prognosis. 

Psychiatrists and Neurologists with a bias for technology driven healthcare solutions are joining hands with us on this mission.Talk to us and find out more about the various ways to partner.