Q. What is the problem we are solving?

Neuropsychiatric disorders are the 3rd largest contributor to the global burden of disease. Despite the huge impact they have, and the increasing international focus on them due to Corona pandemic, the world has not seen revolutionary treatments in this space.

This is because, clinicians lack tools that can help in early screening, differential diagnosis and individualized modeling. If they had these tools, they could recruit patients for clinical trials for revolutionary new treatments and therapies, as well as personalize treatment for an individual.

We are here to change that.

Q.Who are we solving it for?

Our solution is relevant for the entire healthcare system
- For patients, it helps in much earlier screening and confirmation
- For doctors, it helps in greater precision in diagnosis and prognosis
- For hospitals, it increases the revenue for the hospitals by moving to a higher form of scan
- For pharma companies, it helps in derisking clinical trials

Q.What is our product?

We are building a SaaS platform which provides an entirely new diagnostic methodology for neuro-psychiatric disorders using MRI. We use a functional MRI to detect brain activity and connectivity patterns, which are then compared with a data bank of various disorders to provide a quick one-day and early diagnosis of disorders such as Alzheimers, Schizophrenia, Bipolar etc.

Q.How does our product address the unmet clinical need?

BrainSight.AI solves this by building an enterprise-grade AI driven diagnostic and management solution. The product consists of two world-first products
1. A zero-work app which for the first time collects digital phenotyping data from mobiles on compliance and symptoms, without input from the patient. This gives the doctors 20X more insights into the patient's symptoms
2. A web-based SaaS tool, powered by a multi-step AI engine and a 3D enabled visualization engine, which allows doctors to get deep insights into connectivity and activity patterns in the patient from an MRI. This helps in accurate differential diagnosis for extremely complicated cases in a single day, a 10X improvement over 3 months or more it takes to get to a diagnosis.