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Dec, 2020

French technology company Dassault Systemes held a 3D Experience Virtual Conference to showcase the potential of 3D models for in-silico trials.

BrainSightAI's work in creating a virtual brain using rs-fMRI, AI and ML will create virtual 3D brains of patients to aid in-silico research trials. Catch Dr. Rimjhim Agrawal, co-founder and CTO, BrainSightAI talking about the advancement of research in neuroscience.


Dec, 2020

India Edison Accelerator- Startups powered by GE Healthcare announced the launch of its second cohort with six remarkable start-ups AarogyaAI, BrainSightAI, Fluid AI, InMed Prognostics, Wellthy Therapeutics and Onward Assist.

In its second year, India Edison Accelerator, the company's first start-up collaboration based out of India is committed to mentoring and creating strategic partners to co-develop healthcare solutions alongside GE's engineers and scientists.


Dec, 2020

Riding on the success of the first Cohort of the program, this time the focus is on technology solutions aimed at streamlining healthcare delivery across verticals- Advanced Imaging and Visualization, Precision Diagnosis and Treatment, Computer-aided Detection and Diagnosis, Point-of-Care Diagnostics, Remote Patient Monitoring,  Virtual Hospitals, Data Management and Insights, and Asset Health Monitoring.

BrainSightAI is building an MRI-bases SAAS platform, which can transform how neuro-psychiatric disorders are addressed.

Outlook Business

Sep, 2020

Dr. Rimjhim Agrawal and Laina Emmanuel founded BrainSightAI in 2019 to detect major psychotic disorders. Agrawal started ideating on solutions that can rectify that. Their tool has an accuracy rate of 87% and takes 5-7 minutes. She says, "If a patient is suffering from psychosis, there is a lot of disconnect between different parts of the brain. You can trace that kind of activity pattern and get a differential diagnosis."  

Frankfurter Allgemeine

Nov, 2019

For all women who are thinking of starting a company, Philipp Herkelmann has a clear message: “Be courageous and don't let yourself be scared off.”

He says, “The corona crisis is changing our lives in many areas, such as education and health. Answers need to be found, and these are industries in which women are overrepresented.” An example from Entrepreneurs First's start-up forge in the health sector is the Bangalore-based company Brainsight AI, founded by two women wants to improve research into neuropsychiatric diseases such as Alzheimer's with the help of artificial intelligence.


Sep, 2019

French technology company Dassault Systemes has picked three Indian startups as part of its technology mentorship and accelerator programme.

BrainSight.AI was founded earlier this year by Laina Emmanuel and Dr. Rimjhim Agrawal. It offers diagnostic tools based on artificial intelligence that help detect neurological disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and dementia.

Tech in Asia

Jul, 2019

Deep-tech investor Entrepreneur First (EF) completed its fifth Investor Day in Singapore that saw participation from 24 deep-tech companies from around Asia. It is EF’s largest cohort of startups so far. is an AI SaaS tool that enables psychiatrists to diagnose mental disorders using just rs-fMRI scans.

Entrepreneur First

Jul, 2019

Dr. Rimjhim and Laina founded Brainsight.AI, which is bringing MRI-based diagnostics to psychiatry. With neuro-psychiatric disorders costing $650B each year worldwide, it’s a huge opportunity for impact. Laina says, “The problem is that because the brain is such a complicated organ, there are no standardised biological tests.” BrainSightAI are using AI-based imaging biomarkers to identify and classify disorders such as Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder and Dementia. Watch their Asia5 Investor Day pitch here.